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20Kush VyasStudents’ RepresentativeMember

Sr.No. Name Designation Nomenclature
1 Sushilaben I Patel I/C Principal Chairperson
2 Dr.R.H.Chaudhary Associate Professor Coordinator
3 Dr.Y.A.Prajapati Associate Professor Member
4 Dr. Suresh Pawar Associate Professor Member
5 Dr.Shridhar Joshi Associate Professor Member
6 Dr. Neha R.Shah Associate Professor Member
7 Dr.B.K.Patel Associate Professor Member
8 Dr. Kamal J.Dave Associate Professor Member
9 Prof. K.C.Mewada Associate Professor Member
10 Dr.A.H.Patel Associate Professor Member
11 Prof. J.K.Joshi Associate Professor Member
12 Dr. Mukesh Prajapati Associate Professor Member
13 Prof. Gitesh Gandhi Assi. Professor(SFI) Member
14 Shri.Ramubhai Parmar Office Superintend Member
15 Shri. Hiren Raval Lab. Assistant Member
16 Shri. Arvindbhai I. Patel Chairman of Trust Member
17 Shri. K..K  Patel Managing trustee Member
18 Shri Jayantibhai Paatel Industrialist Member
19 Dr. D.R. Patel Invited Mamber Member


IQAC-MINUTES Years Wise Reports

Year File
IQAC-MINUTES-2008-9 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2009-10 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2010-11 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2011-12 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2012-13 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2013-14 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2014-15 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2015-16 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2016-17 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2017-18 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2018-19 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2019-20 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2020-21 Download
IQAC-MINUTES-2021-22 Download
IQAC-ACTION TAKEN-2018-19 Download
IQAC-ACTION TAKEN-2019-20 Download
IQAC-ACTION TAKEN-2020-21 Download
IQAC-ACTION TAKEN-2021-22 Download
IQAC-ACTION TAKEN-2022-2 Download
IQAC-MEMBERS-2018-19 Download
IQAC-MEMBERS-2022-23 Download
IQAC Meeting 2022-23 Download

IQAC initiatives-2021-22               File :  Additional-Number of Quality Initiatives undertaken -2020-21