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DELL (Digital Education and Learning Lab)

DELL was established in the college in February 2009 with the financial aid from Government of

Aim of DELL
Digital Education and Learning Laboratory (DELL) is a step towards use of
technology in education and learning under the aegis of Commissionerate of
Higher Education and implemented by SCOPE. DELL project enables colleges to
train their students in various computer based courses, connects colleges to the
outside world by providing internet facility. DELLs are knowledge hubs for higher
echelons of learning. In short, these DELLs are the learning, teaching and exam
hubs of various schemes of Education Department.
DELL was established in Municipal Arts and Urban Bank Science College, Mehsana
in February 2009 and started functoning in July 2009. Thus, special efforts are
being made to improve English proficiency of the students through the open
source and other softwares provided in the lab. All computers are preinstalled
with software prepared by Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This promotes and
enhances use of ICT in teaching‐learning process.
Objectives of DELL
Establishment of DELL in the colleges of Gujarat is the dream project in the field of
education. The prime objective of this project is to augment higher educational
institutes with ICT infrastructure. Once the DELLs are installed, it will function as
knowledge centers. Various vocational and professional courses based on honing
of language and other soft skills shall run in these DELLs. The DELL which is LAN
and internet connected and has multimedia PCs shall have optimum capacity to
run various e‐Resources for all the courses taught at higher education level.
Though the dominant concern of DELL is to teach Communicative English in SLM
(Self Learning Module), but it can be utilized for other subjects like personality
development, business communication, internet and computer skills,
entrepreneurship, time management and online evaluation. As the DELL supports
internet connectivity, it also opens up the window to the web world for research
purpose to the teachers and e‐resources for students.

SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunity
through Proficiency in English)

The centre for SCOPE was established in the college in March 2010

SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English),
established in 2007 by the Government of Gujarat to build English language
proficiency in the youth of Gujarat and thereby create employment
opportunities for them, has been the most successful PPP model in the state. It
has an established network of 200+ centres for the purpose of providing
English language training to the candidates. SCOPE programme is centred on
three challenges of education ‐ Access, Equity and Quality. Cambridge English
Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge, UK, US and
Pearson, UK are the Assessment and Certification partners of SCOPE. The
programme runs into PPP (Public Private Partnership) and ITP (Institutional
Training Partnership) model and has more than 800+ training centres across
state. SCOPE is conducting online exam of international standard at such a
mass scale which is unique in the world.
Objectives of SCOPE
1. To act as an autonomous and independent body to implement English
language teaching in Gujarat and outside Gujarat.
2. To aid and promote advancement of communication skills in English by
imparting training to the youth of 15‐35 years of age group.
3. To identify partners to serve the purpose for imparting and enhancing
English language teaching.
4. To monitor the functioning of the training centres run by the identified
5. To prepare an appropriate curriculum for various levels of need based
training programmes.
6. To prepare need based training modules for English language teaching.
7. To encourage use of technology in English language teaching.

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