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Welcome to Municipal Arts And Urban Bank Science College Mehsana

The library is the heart of the college. It is equipped with all the facilities necessary for augmenting the teaching-learning process. The following features of the library are worth mentioning:


  • The Central Library situated in the college campus is a store house of information. There is a collection of a vast number of books, reference books, journals, magazines and periodicals in the library. A wide collection of DVDs containing lectures on various topics of different subjects is also available in the library.


  • There is a facility of internet surfing for students as well as teachers in the library through which the information on any topic could be gathered.


  • A comfortable air conditioned Reading Room for the students has been constructed in the library. Students in a big number avail of this facility. They visit the library regularly, read periodicals that are displayed on the racks, go through newspapers and career oriented magazines. It cultivates interest in the students to learn new things and update their knowledge on current affairs.


  • The students and teachers can get e-books through library, as there is a facility of internet surfing in the library.


  • The teachers also are provided a separate seating facility for reading and reference.


  • The Poor Boys’ library scheme is meant for economically weaker students and those belonging to SC/ST and OBC category.


  • In the library itself, a vocational guidance centre is functioning and it gives guidance in NET/SLET and other competitive examinations.


  • Two separate air-conditioned cabins have been constructed exclusively for faculty members to pursue research work. Out of which one cabin has been converted into NAAC office.


  • New arrivals are displayed prominently and their information is placed on the notice-board.


  • Comfortable Seating facility has been created for the students in the basement of the library. The students make fruitful use of the library to prepare their projects, assignments and presentations.


  • A BISAG room has been created in the library through which the students can view online lectures delivered by eminent faculties on diverse topics in different subjects.


  • A separate air conditioned room with the facilities of LCD, audio system, projector and computer has been prepared for the students where the teachers can deliver their lectures through presentations. This facility enhances the learning process of the students, as the students can grasp the ideas put forward by the teacher in a better fashion through audio visual aids.


  • The facility of INFLIBNET N list is also available in the library which has proved to be a great help to the teachers and the students pursuing their research.

Total No. of BOOKS/JOURNALS/CD/DVDs in the Library

Text Books No of Titles-Text Books Reference Books Journals Magazines CDs/DVDs No. of Newspapers














Total No. of Text Books: 38526

Total No. of Reference Books:25684


Total No. of Books: 64210



Courseware and Learning Resources

SrNo Source Provide by Link
1 e‐P.G.Pathshala INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar
2 Vidya‐Mitra INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar
3 Video Lectures UNESCO
4 SWAYAM MHRD, Govt. of India




1 DOAB Directory of Open Access Books
2 Rare Book Room Octavo
3 Open Library













National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources cation/sci.asp?a=topframe.htm&b=leftcon. asp&c=ResearchJournals/rejour/


2 ISEE Indian Society for Education and Environment



Periodical Repository

National Institute for Science Communication and

Information Resources

4 DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals
5 ChemSpider Royal Society of Chemistry
6 Science Alert Science Alert, Dubai
7 Springer Open Access Springer
8 NCBI National Centre for Biotechnology Information